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Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa.  Uganda offers you a wealth of forest and savannah wildlife; you will find lion, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, even leopord, and a variety of primats.  Uganda is greener and more fertile because of lakes, rivers and wetland habitats, and this makes Uganda very interesting for birdwatchers.
Many tour-companies offer scheduled trips, but you prefer something more personal.  You would like to make and have your own trip, spiced with the herbs you like.  We can arrange that for you.  Let us know what your wishes are; experiencing a canoe-trip, exploring waterfalls, hiking a volcano, looking in the eyes of lions, meeting wild animals, observing chimps in the forest, sleeping nearby hyppo’s, spotting beautiful and rare birds, swimming in a craterlake, tasting the local kitchen, tracking gorrilas,  walking throught the impenetrable rainforest, …
We also offer a bird-safari, a classic safari, a student safari, a primat-safari and a gorilla safari. Maybe one of this safaris can make a dream come true for you. Please let us known.
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